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KEJURUTERAAN CYJ (M) SDN BHD (202101018826 1419126-W), a reputed expert in industrial coatings and special coatings in Malaysia, have established a sterling reputation in the industry with the quality of each project.

We specialize in industrial paint and coating technology, including 6 major categories, namely blasting, coating, spraying, insulation, lining and construction. We provide one-stop services ranging from designing to coating procurement and work to comprehensively meet all customer needs.

In specialized industrial coating projects, from the start of the project, the work process all the way to the warranty after completion, we can fully satisfy our customers with professional services and work quality, ridding you of any worry.

Business Overview

Recognized by customers as the most professional industrial coating company

KEJURUTERAAN CYJ (M) SDN BHD was established in 2021 with an administrative office in Batu Caves and a warehouse in Klang, Selangor.

The company was founded by engineer Jacky Cheong, who is a veteran in blasting, coating, spraying, insulation and lining, boasting of nearly 20 years of experience in these 6 major areas.

Before founding CYJ, Jacky Cheong had extensive experience in these 6 major fields. As a project manager, he led his team to participate in countless projects large and small. In these 6 major fields, he is like a walking encyclopedia that can crack difficult projects efficiently.

We have everything you want in industrial coatings

KEJURUTERAAN CYJ (M) SDN BHD specializes in various industrial coating works that are damaged by prolonged exposure to oxygen, moisture or other elements such as metal corrosion or cement weathering. As a coating specialist, we provide all sorts of coating works that include anti-corrosion coating, waterproof coating, high-temperature coating, chemical resistant coating, oil repellent coating and other forms of coating works.

Access to industrial coatings from all over the world

Industrial coatings are specially developed according to the needs of different uses. One of our key advantages is that we have a huge procurement network worldwide, and can readily purchase suitable coatings according to the needs of our customers. Although there are many coating suppliers in Malaysia, we can also import rare coatings from other parts of the world, the professional manufacturers of which have international standard certifications. 

These rare coatings can be used in Malaysia through third-party professional certification to achieve SIRIM standards. 

For us, getting industrial special coatings is a piece of cake. The most important thing is to purchase the coatings that customers really need, an area of expertise in which we are highly confident.

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